Summer Reading Challenge…

Summer Reading 2012 … well, the first challenge that presents is staying awake long enough to get a chapter completed!  With sleepless nights still reigning in our house, prioritising reading is decidedly tricky.  However, each and every year I select six books for the six weeks – my own personal Reading Challenge – and I’ve so far always managed it. 

I’m hoping 2012 will prove the same through some canny choices. I tried Dickens for my Reading group earlier in the year.  Didn’t get past Chapter 1 before falling asleep! So for me, this year it will be Chick Lit all the way – pure escapism and plenty of happy ever after.  Plus a couple of old favourites that I can’t resist re-reading.

On the bedside table is a growing pile of recommendations from friends and family from which I’ll make last minute choices  – looking good at the mo are Chances by Freya North, The Beach Café by Lucy Diamond (thanks to the book swap box in the office – cheers girls!), Netherwood by Jane Sanderson (a must for Downton Abbey fans according to my sister) and something by Erica James.

Sneaked into the pile only last week was a supermarket bargain – Death Comes to  Pemberley by PD James.  At last another sequel to Pride and Prejudice.  I’ve never got over my Darcy crush so am really looking forward to that one.

And, seldom a summer goes by without me digging out a well-thumbed copy of a children’s classic.  This year, it’s a return to Goodnight Mister Tom.  Truly my favourite children’s book of all time, and I love the opportunity to realise once again why I award it this accolade. Wonder what your favourite of all time would be …

Will I get six out of six this year?  Wish me luck!

Jo Upton, Coventry Primary English Consultant


3 thoughts on “Summer Reading Challenge…

  1. Jo, I think you will like PD James, I really enjoyed it onec I had got over the first couple of chapters of recap!! The Beach Cafe was a lovely light read for a summer’s day! I have picked up your sister’s recommendation of Netherwood too as I love Downton, shall load it onto my kindle for the cruise! Happy Reading!

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