That was the year that was…

The Union Jack with a white border.

Union Jack (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

What was 2012 for you? Were you one of the many Brits who rediscovered patriotism by decking your halls with red, white and blue bunting for the Queen’s Jubilee and waving your Union Jack during the Olympics and Paralympics? Maybe, you watched the hilarious spoof documentary 2012 and consequently adopted the compound noun Jubilympics. Inspired! Or, thanks to our brilliant athletes, the new verb of 2012 – to medal entered your vocabulary! Never were there greater examples of how the English language is organic and subject to continual change and development (or abuse – if you sit on a different side of the fence). Here at Primary HQ we partook in all of the above, medalling in bronze for tea-drinking, silver for biscuit eating and gold for red,white and blue home decorations and all-round flag-waving.

Running stitch

Running stitch (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

2012 was also the year that we picked up our metaphorical sewing kits and stitched together what has become the Primary English blog. We threaded our needles in July and began with our personal book recommendations for summer reading. Charlotte wrote about her kindle, Rachel about historical fiction, Jo provided a plentiful supply of chick-lit and Julia amazed us with her beautifully crafted post about A Tale of Two Cities. These first four posts were joined together with little more than running-stitch but their sum parts were squared and the patchwork of our blog was begun.

Patchwork takes time to craft. There is a plan – to create a dimensioned piece in a palette of complementing or contrasting perfection . But, like a rhizome, as new fabrics are found, remnants are gathered and amendments made the initial plan can transform unpredictably and spontaneously. This has happened with our blog. Our initial plans to write once a week on predetermined themes took a new turn as we stumbled across content, responded to stories in the news or found links and correlations that we hadn’t initially spotted.

Our patchwork blog was evolving but to where, we didn’t know and that, we learned was part of the allure.


Like seamstresses, the more we have worked the more skilled we have become. The simple stitches of our early blogs have been joined by embroidered additions, like resources, and appliquéd embellishments, of things we like. Those early sole-authored posts have been joined by group posts and guest posts, book recommendations and teaching ideas ensuring the fabric of our blog is diverse.

So what for 2013? We’ve got plans: we’ve scheduled posts and invited guests. Oh, and we’ve been given some knitting needles!

A little dexterity is helpful in working with ...

(Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Happy New Year – The Primary English Team.


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