Double, double, toil and trouble…

We were recently asked if we had any ideas for using Macbeth with Y5 and Y6 children. Being ladies who like to help, we turned to our very merry band of social media followers who came up with a great list of ideas for using ‘the Scottish play‘ in upper Key Stage 2. Knowing that there are more busy teachers out there looking for ideas to inspire their classes, we’ve taken the list, tweaked it, added a few of our own ideas and created a list of 15 ideas for teaching Macbeth in primary schools.

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3 thoughts on “Double, double, toil and trouble…

  1. I loved this post; it inspired me to do my own witches’ spell, and then it turned into a bad poem. See what you have done?

    The Macbeth witches fancy a pie and a pint

    Double, double, toil and trouble
    Let’s go now before the pub’ll
    Shut and we can’t get a glass
    Of wine, so come on, move your….(double double toil and trouble)

    Wing of goat and wool of eagle,
    Beak of stoat and hat of beagle.
    None of this sounds very scrummy,
    A pasty would be much more yummy.

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