Love is in the air

heart2Valentine’s Day. Love it or hate it, we thought a nice way to celebrate would be to share a few bookish love affairs from people in our fair city of Coventry, so we sent out our Love Detectives who tracked down and questioned some keen readers. What a pleasure!

Janette Catton – AHT Frederick Bird Primary School
When I was eight I fell in love with Fenodyree and Durathror, a dwarf and a elf, characters from The Weirdstone of Brisingamen by Alan Garner. They were brave and heroic . Durathror in particular was larger than life, he was a bit reckless but had a big heart and was courageous and loyal.  Years later I watched the children I was sharing this book with fall in love with them too, laughing with them, feeling their anxieties and crying with them too when the story reaches its pinnacle and tragedy strikes.  A good character in a good book can do that to you,they live in your heart for life.
 beach heart
Kathleen McGuinness, teacher St John Vianney Primary School
I am loving Ellis Island and City of Hope by Kate Kerrigan and await the third book in the trilogy with great impatience.  It tells of the life of a character called Ellie Hogan who lived in rural Ireland in the earlier part of the last century and as the title suggests she lived most of her life in New York but her roots were in the west of Ireland . Kate, (Morgan Prunty) is a very talented writer who was brought up in London of Irish parents and now lives in Ireland.heart
Avril Leigh, retired teacher
My favourite book of all time is “To The Lighthouse” by Virginia Woolf. It makes me smile, the understated death of Mrs Ramsay makes me cry, the ripples out from it are so powerful. The lighthouse of Woolf’s novel is believed by many to be based on the one that sits on Godrevy Island in Cornwall.
Charlotte Reed – Primary English Consultant
I am sharing my love of chidren’s picture books in pictorial form.
heart books
Sarah Kinghorn, teacher loves anything by Roald Dahl. He has such a way with words and his gruesome descriptions capture the reader’s mind and makes them want more!
Jan Pringle, teacher
For older children, I love ‘The Giver’ by Lois Lowry. Accessible for children but lots of food for thought for any age. It’s practically the only heart2book that I was able to persuade my husband and all three children to read and enjoy – they all have such different tastes in reading but that hit the spot for everyone.
Ann Kaminski, Head of Aldermoor Farm Primary
Chocolate cake by Michael Rosen. Chocolate, cake and a Rose(n) it has to be a Valentine winner!
What is your literary soft spot? Do share them with us. And remember, here at Primary English HQ our love for books is a daily affair, not just for Valentine’s. After all, we do #lovetoreadtomyclass.

1 thought on “Love is in the air

  1. Ooh, nice post.. I love the characters in a team of international astronauts created by young people’s sci-fi author Hugh Walters in the 1960s. Lots of daring-do, saving each others’ lives. narrowly averting death and disaster, and always getting back to Earth for a slap-up feed.

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