Guided Reading

greadingLove it or loathe it, guided reading is probably the most well-used strategy for teaching reading in the UK. This post collects together a range of ideas to help you plan for meaningful guided reading sessions.

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6 thoughts on “Guided Reading

  1. I love this post. I have heard of the term Guided Reading but it was never something that I though…”oh my I have to use this in my classroom.” As of now though, after reading this article, I am convinced…I must have guided reading with EVERY student each week in my future classroom. I think the idea is great and it allows the children to relate to their teacher and tell them things they are excelling in or maybe even things they are struggling in. Either way guided reading provided for great relationship builders among teachers and students. Make sure you make time for your students, don’t make up excuses as to why you can’t sit down and read today. Make it so your students become interested in reading, and make it fun for ALL!

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