Chortle with Charlotte – a child’s top ten funny books

With Comic Relief taking place on March 15th we thought we’d do our bit to get the nation laughing by suggesting some funny books. Team member Rachel has a nine-year old daughter who loves nothing better than a good giggle at a funny book. Here are some of her suggestions.

I love reading. The books I enjoy include words like: cheese-touch, little presents (poop), poop, unmade beds (not beds that haven’t had the covers tidied, beds that are still piles of wood), poop, bottom, and poop – oh and not forgetting whopper dogs, butcher’s darts, pants and poop.

Here is my list of 10 funny books that I have read.

  1. Daft dogDaft Dog by Colin and Jacqui Hawkins This in one of the first funny books that I read. It is about a dog who makes a lot of daft mistakes, like brushing his teeth with soap, washing his face with toothpaste, reading books upside down and asking for slippers in the fishmongers. But Daft Dog isn’t so daft when he gets a pair of glasses.
  1. The Giraffe, the Pelly and me by Roald Dahl. Imagine living in a huge house and having your windows cleaned by a monkey dipping his sponge in a pelican’s beak whilst balancing on the extending neck of a giraffe. That is what happens in this little book all about The Ladderless Window Cleaning Company. My favourite bits are all the silly songs.
  1. Super diaper baby by Dav Pilkey. This is a funny book about a funny book, about a baby saving the world. This graphic novel has lots of action, lots of laughter and ‘flip-o-rama’ in every chapter.

7. Captain Underpants by Dav Pilkey. This has a funny word in it – pants!!! This is a book full of practical jokes and bad behaviour like you’d find in Horrid Henry or Dennis the Menace

6. The Twits by Roald Dahl. Involves stuff you must never repeat at home: eating worms, gluing birds to trees and eating the birds that you should not have caught on the tree in the first place. Apart from if your name is Mr. or Mrs. Twit. (see our Roald Dahl blog post)

5. Tom Gate’s Everything’s Amazing (well sort of) by Liz Pichon, is brilliant. A mixture of cartoons and writing make this a really fun read. Liz Pichon won the Blue Peter Book Award for Tom Gates: Genius Ideas (mostly) on World Book Day 2013. I think that tells you how good she is at writing funny stories.

4. My Brother’s Famous Bottom by Jeremy Strong. Would you like to be a twin? Would you like to be twins called Cheese and Tomato because you’d been born in the back of a pizza delivery van? Would you like to live on a farm guarded by a security-tortoise? And would you like to own a goat who produces exploding yoghurt? I wouldn’t like to be any of these things but they are very funny in this great book.

3. Diary of a Wimpy Kid by Jeff Kinney. Do you want the cheese-touch? No? You’d better get your fingers crossed then!

2. The Hundred Mile an Hour Dog by Jeremy Strong. Have you heard my mum and dad LOL? They did when I read this book. Very, very funny stuff.

1.Mr GumMr Gum Andy Stanton. Mr Gum’s favourite TV programme is Bag of Sticks. When he can’t watch his favourite show he watches his second favourite, Leg Smash. His best friend is Billy William the Third, the most disgusting butcher in the world. Together they plan the most horrible deeds the town of Lamonic Bibber has ever seen. The Mr Gum books make my mum cry with laughter.

Charlotte Clarke age 9. Pupil at Earlsdon Primary School, Coventry


3 thoughts on “Chortle with Charlotte – a child’s top ten funny books

  1. Thank you, Charlotte. I will definitely have to look out for some of those books. It is said that laughter is the best medicine so they’re probably very good for us too.

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