Teachers as Writers

So, it all started with a question in a school hall on a Teacher Day not so far from here;
“How many of you consider yourselves readers?” Up shot the hands, nearly everyone, nothing unusual there.

“How many of your consider yourselves writers?” Few hands and an uncomfortable silence.  It’s stark, in a room full of teachers less than a handful consider themselves writers.

Listening in to the ensuing conversation, they do write.  One writes a diary “Yes, but it isn’t really writing is it?  It’s for me”  Yes, it is writing.  You are a writer.  “Is texting writing?” Yes, it is writing, scroll through mine and my best friends messages and it’s a story of our days and important events.  We then went on to a writing activity and I began, in analogue form, this blog.  So, reader, here’s your question;

“Are you a writer?”

Let’s start with this past week, write a list of everything you have written.  For me it’s a blog post, texts, emails, to do list, shopping list, menu plan, facebook updates, tweets, have I missed anything?  I probably write more now than I ever have!  And so do you, you are a writer, we all are, sometimes it’s about perception.  Do we percieve these activities to be valuable writing activities?  They are writing to inform (e.g. facebook), to entertain (e.g. twitter), to persuade (e.g. emails).

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