Who inspires you?

This year for the very first time at the Coventry Inspiration Book Awards, as part of Literally Coventry Book Festival, we awarded a Lifetime Inspiration Award. A few weeks ago we had confirmation Sir Quentin Blake was coming to town to accept! I was asked by Joy Court to do the honours and present his award.  What a task!  I thought, I wrote, I scribbled, screwed it up and started again.  About 5 times.  Most of it came to me in the night, well, 3am actually, and was written onto my kindle.

Meeting Sir Quentin has certainly been a highlight of what has been both a physically and mentally demanding week.  I have been tweeting, facebooking and blogging daily for the festival, as well as stewarding events.  It’s been a privilege and if we have only encouraged one person to pick up a book and read then we have done a good job. What an amazing city we live in, a reading city that values libraries and books.  If you haven’t been involved in the festival this year then do get involved next year!

Here’s my thanks to Sir Quentin:


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Charlotte Reed – Primary English Consultant

So, who is your literary inspiration?


1 thought on “Who inspires you?

  1. So many. I loved a good adventure so Enid Blyton, Captain W E Johns, Anthony Buckeridge. Enjoyed Judy Blume too as well as Roald Dahl. Could go on! And how lovely to meet someone you admire too!

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