Suitcase selection #1

Mission control may be a term you associate with the NASA Space Center but here in the Clarke household it’s the high-security, no-entry holiday preparation zone established by chief organiser (me) to ensure that the annual excursion to sunnier climes runs like a military operation. Along with the sun-cream, t-shirts and shorts our Mission Control includes sufficient reading material to keep our family of four purposefully occupied for the duration of our holiday.

Now, as I have written here before, I’ve entered the digital age of reading. I have a Kindle. In fact I have two – my original black and white no-glare-in-the-sun Kindle, and my fabulous High Density, full colour Kindle Fire. As a consequence, the literary division of Mission Control has decamped to ‘the cloud’ and is something of a virtual affair. This is good. There is considerably less clutter in this new version of Mission Control.

Cover of "The Kite Runner"

So, what’s floating around on ‘the cloud’ ready for me to read on my summer holiday this year?

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Rachel Clarke, Primary English Consultant


2 thoughts on “Suitcase selection #1

  1. If you like The Kite Runner, you should read And the Mountains Echoed (Hosseini’s latest book). The Garden of Evening Mists (Tan Twan Eng) is also absolutely beautiful. Completely agree about Wonder.

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